Prof. János Égert
dean of the faculty of engineering sciences
Opening words and welcoming the guest
Prof. Gábor Winkler
 introduction of the three design tasks
 Péter Pozsár
 dr. Róbert Németh
Special wood species - lets substitute the 
tropical wood material 
 Nóra Lonsták
Fire protection of wooden structures 
 Éva Sági
Hungarian wooden folk architecture – 
examples and types 
 dr. László Bejó
Wood-a second rate building material? 
 Zsuzsanna Péter & Adrienn Kupi
Village building - university project 
 András Cseh
Chappel in Pannonhalma 
 Timo Pakarinen
Wood construction in Finland 
 Monika Tropper
Passive house 
Miquel Llorens
Making Pinnocchio 
 Cecilia Alonso & Fausto Sanna
The utilisation of mechanically-laminated timber for
affordable structures in the UK 
 Péter Borbás
Wood architectural regions and inspirations 
 Prof. Richard Ray
Engineered Wood Laminates: fabrication
and application 
dr. Movahedi Rad Majid
Carpentry joints 
Prof. Dezső Ekler
Harangod camp buildings 
...and the audience...